Turn your marketing dashboard into a storytelling canvas

1 Hour
On Demand

Data alone won’t tell the story of marketing performance. As marketers, it’s our job to tell compelling stories of marketing performance that engage, persuade and inspire action.

Marketers know stories are the pathway to human emotions where decisions are made—and we do a fantastic job with storytelling when it comes to delivering marketing messages to our audiences. But when we face internal audiences, like the CEO or CFO, we toss out charts, numbers and spreadsheets with little context, few key takeaways and no concrete conclusions. It’s time to change all that.

Helping you tell your stories of marketing success in the easiest, best way possible … well, that’s Beckon’s whole deal.

So join us for Turn your Marketing Dashboard into a Storytelling Canvas and learn:

  • How to structure your story (er, reports) for maximum impact.
  • The dos and “please don’ts” of marketing performance storytelling.
  • The use of imagery, video and text to add context to your data.
  • How to flex this new muscle yourself, as a marketing leader, so that you can be more influential and effective, but how, also, to instill the capability in your team.

Featured Speaker

Erin Korogodsky
Erin Korogodsky
Solutions Consultant

Erin is a solutions consultant for Beckon, spending most of her time in the real-world trenches, “rolling up her sleeves and getting it done” for marketers like yourselves who rely on Beckon to guide them through the process of getting out of omnichannel data chaos and into marketing performance clarity. She’s a seasoned marketing technology consultant, having spent the past five years helping marketers to adopt cutting-edge technologies like Scout Labs, Lithium and of course Beckon. She works with Beckon customers across top brands everyday helping them to develop their data management, planning, analytics and reporting capabilities.