Q&A: Mozilla’s path to an agile, data-driven organization

It’s no secret that the marketing landscape is evolving faster than ever. Technologies and touchpoints are multiplying daily, and consumers expect a seamless marketing experience across it all. Some teams struggle with the speed and scope of modern marketing but others are turning it to their advantage by optimizing a larger portion of their marketing budgets in-flight. They test and learn, turn off underperforming tactics right away, and shift that spend to higher performing ones—ultimately growing the business.

Many brands dream about this level of agility. At Beckon, we help make it happen. We've had the privilege of partnering with dozens of innovative brands to drive this change within their organizations. Mozilla is a great example—they transitioned to an agile, data-driven approach, shortened campaign cycles, and dramatically changed the way they do business, with remarkable results.

Check out our Q&A with Chad Weiner, Senior Director of Marketing and Marketing Operations, to hear Mozilla’s story and get tips for starting out on the journey.



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