Using data to tell the story of omnichannel marketing performance.

“How is marketing performing?”

The challenging question will always come. You can scramble to pull together ad hoc analyses in response, but the best defense is a good offense. Attack the marketing performance topic head-on by creating consistent and well thought-out marketing scorecards.

Taking cues from the “balanced scorecard” system and the Six Sigma philosophy, marketing scorecards tie marketing activities to business and brand outcomes. Done well, they allow the team to monitor and improve performance over time and demonstrate marketing’s impact on the business.

Download The Art of the Marketing Scorecard white paper and get:

  • How and why marketing scorecards are the way forward for omnichannel performance measurement.
  • Scorecard design options—how to choose the right framework(s) for your marketing team.
  • Choosing and organizing scorecard components—objectives, metrics, KPIs—and how they all fit together.
  • Marketing scorecard design best practices.