Part 1: Create a plan for success

Careful planning, outfitting and alignment are key to a successful integrated brand campaign. Many marketers struggle with the upfront process, but it’s critical to get this part down or you risk falling short of your campaign goals.

In Part 1 of our integrated brand marketing series, we explore what it takes to plan, outfit and align a successful campaign, and uncover some often-overlooked areas (like why it’s essential to get cross-functional partners on board).

You’ll learn:

  • Three keys to holistic planning.
  • The value of hindsighting with your team before you dig in.
  • Why it’s essential to get cross-functional partners on board.
  • How to define and align the team around success metrics.
  • Why it’s critical to have the right analytical tools in place from the start.
Download The Marketing Leader's Guide to Integrated Brand Marketing—Part 1 and find out what you need to know to set up your campaign and your team for success.