Engage, persuade and drive action with a powerful story of marketing performance.

We marketers are masterful storytellers. But when it comes time to show an internal audience how marketing is performing, we pile on the spreadsheets and data points with little context or key takeaways.

It’s time we take control of the marketing story—because it won’t tell itself. Learn how to engage teams, persuade stakeholders and drive action by turning your marketing dashboard into a storytelling canvas.

Grab 10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Dashboard Great and get concrete advice on how to:

  • Take control over the marketing story.
  • Ensure that your marketing dashboards answer business questions.
  • Capture the full picture of marketing performance with rich-media, voice of the customer and more.

And that's just a sneak peek. Download the paper for more great tips. Bonus! A convenient ten-point checklist is included.